Mostly Music takes time to present the best artists and music on offer – pop, jazz, rock, R&B, blues, Latin, funk, reggae, ska, and evergreens too. Many of our bands feature their own material; some don’t. But they are all the best at what they do, and you can book our bands and acts with confidence, knowing that Mostly Music is run by professional musicians who know their stuff! Here in Asia – based in Bangkok – we also represent studios who do the best work: album, EP, single, voice-over, soundtrack, advertising jingles, original compositions and scores, and we represent bands and artistes in Thailand and across Asia. So if you need an agent connected around the world or if you need a full-on recording studio to get your project started/finished get in touch on our REGISTER PAGE.

Register if you know you have talent, a high degree of professionalism, self discipline, great chops, the gear and look the part – THEN we can do the rest! And as far as bands and artists go, we want nothing but the best there is  – because that’s what our clients want.

We are happy to help you get where you want to go – gigging,  or into the right studio with a smile on your face!

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You Making The Right Kinda Noise?

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rock1It’s been almost six months since we declared 2013 the Year of the Acoustic and happily we’ve seen the uptake of musicians from the agency track higher as we head towards another New Year, and the word is that venue proprietors like the quieter rooms and happy customers who don’t want their drinks and conversations blown away by noisy bands and undisciplined drummers, or both. Music to our ears as we have a number of very talented acoustic musicians on our books, most of whom are keeping very busy. [We booked one guy to his gig Krabi in 2011 and he’s never been back to Bangkok since!] Word is that south American grooves are coming back – a nice swinging, easy-listening option between rock and acoustic – and we have at least one band forming now to meet the underlying groove demand. We also have requests from time-to-time for good reggae and ska bands and we reckon it is time for a real resurgence across Asia for this party-loving groove happening..and don’t forget most of the kids around Asia missed the whole ska/reggae bag the first time around! Also don’t forget it’s less than four months until Christmas and New Year already and last New Year we had our first $10,000 band booking by a party of European billionaires who wanted to party away the last minutes of 2012 to great Top 40 sounds. We are always looking for the best bands out there to satisfy the year-end party bonanza, so get shining.

60600_437210839706401_102997790_nGreat news for blues lovers – player and venues alike – as Mostly Music has been appointed the first BLUES MUSIC AGENCY in Asia, an honour handed down by the gracious Blues Presidium in recognition of our services to the blues over a lifetime in the music business. The Blues is a musical genre that captures the hearts of many talking as it does to the very fabric of life and to our experiences good and bad, so it is great that we will be able to keep this fine musical tradition alive and well in Asia, with the help of the many blues fans we know are out there. Among the bands we can represent featuring blues music and truly entertaining personalities are Soi Dog Blues Band, Mekong Dr Blues and the Groove Junkies, Mercy Street Blues Band, Ped BluesmanBangLumPoo Blues Band, Whimsical & The Vintagers, Damn BanjosKeith Nolan’s Love Gone Wrong, Chai Blues, Danny California’s Blues Allstars, Benz BluesSoul Jets, Kay Wara Blues BandThe Gun Trum, The Van Boys and much more….

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We are delighted to announce Göran Fristorp has appointed our agency as his booking representative here in Asia. Goran is the gentleman genius of European folk music and enjoys a wonderful reputation as one of the finest folk musicians ever in the Scandinavian tradition. He first made his name singing with the duo Malta who won the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest, but after the accolades of international competition, Göran performed more as a solo artist and went on to establish himself as a gifted song-writer, even turning down an offer to work full time as staff song-writer for Tijuana Brass legend Herb Alpert in the USA.   Read the rest of this entry »

Ted Lewand is now teaching guitar at home. All styles, all ages, English or Thai language. Email for more details,or call : 084 648 1733, evenings.

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We are delighted to welcome Texas blues legend Mason Ruffner to our books, adding a touch of bues class and offering clients one of the best blues/rockabilly acts of his generation.  Mason Ruffner is considered one of the finest rock/blues guitarists of our time. He has played and recorded with Bob Dylan, (He’s featured on Dylan’s “No Mercy”) and has recorded with that album’s producer, Daniel Lanois on his recording’Acadie”. He released two albums on CBS. His first self titled release was produced by Rick Derringer, followed by the Dave Edmunds produced “Gypsy Blood” which sold over 250,000 units. The title track from “Gypsy Blood” was included in the movie Steel Magnolias and received heavy airplay. Between records, Mason toured with U2, Crosby Stills & Nash and Jimmy Page’s The Firm.